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NameMethod of studying SemesterTeacher
EthicsCourse2 dr. Marta Śliwa
Research methodologyLecture course1prof. dr. hab. J. Gołaszewski
Entrepreneurship in the bioeconomyLecture course2dr. hab. P. Bórawski
E-learningCourse  3dr. A. Wiśniewska
Modern didactic methodsCourse  3dr. A. Wiśniewska
Didactic methods in higher educationCourse5dr. hab. J. Ostrouch-Kamińska
Public speakingCourse5dr. hab. J. Ostrouch-Kamińska
StatisticsCourse3dr. hab. J. Nowakowski
Innovations in the bioeconomySummer school2dr. M. Salamonowicz
Academic entrepreneurshipSummer school2dr. M. Salamonowicz
Preparation of research and development projectsSummer school2prof. dr. hab.
P. Brzuzan
Research project managementSummer school2prof. dr. hab.
P. Brzuzan
Molecular biologyWorkshop3prof. dr. hab. S. Kamiński
Foreign language skills for the bioeconomy
Workshop3dr. hab. A. Klasa
Writing scientific textsSummer school4dr. hab. A. Cydzik-Kwiatkowska
Design thinkingSummer school4 
Intellectual property lawSummer school4 
Commercializing scientific researchSummer school4 dr Paweł Chrapowicki
Markets, innovations, and social acceptance of bioproductsLecture course5 -
Spectrophotometric / chromatographic analysesWorkshop5 dr. hab. Łukasz Zielonka
Doctoral seminar ISeminar4prof. dr hab. I. Wojnowska-Baryła
Doctoral seminar IISeminar6 -
Doctoral seminar IIISeminar8 -
Elective  ILecture course5 -
Elective IILecture course7 -
Elective IIILecture course7 -


NameMethod of studyingTeacher
Bioremediation and wastewater treatmentLecture courseprof. dr. hab. I Wojnowska-Baryła
Bioproducts: processes and applicationsLecture courseprof. dr. hab. S. Ciesielski
Algae cultivation and processingLecture courseprof. dr. hab. M. Dębowski
Basics of fishery scienceLecture coursedr. hab. P. Gomułka
Aquaculture of freshwater fishLecture coursedr. hab. P. Poczyczyński
Biotechnology of fish reproductionLecture courseprof. dr. hab. D. Kucharczyk
Advanced technologies in animal reproduction
Lecture courseprof. dr hab. L. Fraser
Innovative animal production and elements of experimental design
Lecture courseprof. dr hab. W. Sobotka
Animal welfare and hygieneLecture coursedr hab. D. Witkowska
Production of food with desirable characteristics
Lecture courseprof. dr hab. M. Darewicz
Modern techniques in food production and quality controlLecture coursedr hab. M. Modzelewska-Kapituła
Contemporary problems in human nutritionLecture coursedr hab. K. Przybyłowicz
New trends in molecular biology and biotechnologyLecture courseprof. dr hab. B Szafrańska
AgrogenomicsLecture coursedr hab. T. Kulik
HydrobiologyLecture coursedr. hab. S.  Czachorowski
New trends in ecology and evolutionary biologyLecture coursedr. hab. J.J. Nowakowski
Breeeding animals for diverse roles in the bioeconomy
Lecture courseprof. dr hab. A. Boroń
Agricultural and forestry management
Lecture coursedr. hab. J. Borkowski
Biological and technological conditions for the production of biosubstratesLecture courseprof. dr. hab. M. Stolarski
Bio-substrates and biorefinery processesLecture courseprof. dr. hab. J. Gołaszewski
Environmental protectionLecture courseprof. dr. hab. M. Wyszkowski
Circulation of water, minerals and organic matterLecture courseprof. dr. hab. K. Glińska-Lewczuk
Life cycle assessment in the bioeconomyCourseprof. dr. hab. M. Stolarski
Modern techniques for imaging cells and tissues
 Course prof. dr. hab. B. Lewczuk
Applications of flow cytometry  
Basics of high performance liquid chromatography Course